Dropship Down

A fun and intense twin-stick alien shooter for up to four players.

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About Dropship Down

Dropship Down is a co-op alien shooter with twin-stick controls, stuffed to the brim with a horde of aliens waiting to eat you and your marine buddies living. Playing solo or with friends, you face the simple yet tough challenge of surviving.

At your disposal you have a range of exciting weaponry, from the humble but powerful shotgun all the way up to the catastrophic plasma cannon and the blazing-hot flamethrower. You will also gain access to powerful gadgets like the force field generator, the defensive turret and a ton of grenades and mines.


Recommended Hardware




Hardware Recommendations

Dropship Down required a dedicated GPU graphics processing unit (GPU) typically found in any of the best gaming laptops or desktop released in 2018. While it is not required we recommend the use of a high-quality gaming mouse or pc gaming controller such as any recommended-on BLAH’s best PC gaming controller guide.

Recommended Specifications:

OS: Windows 7
Processor: Intel Quad Core or Equivalent
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: GeForce GTX 680 or Equivalent
DirectX: Version 11
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Storage: 4 GB available space
Sound Card: DirectX®-compatible


Mow down aliens with a space freighter’s worth of gadgets and weapons.

Full support for playing with controls or keyboard and mouse.

Test your mettle against a never-ending alien horde, or take up a particular challenge in one of our game modes.

Try to earn unique achievements and rewards – if you’re brave or foolhardy enough to believe you can do it.

Form a team with your friends and climb the high-score rankings – or try your grit for a solo player.

Unique Classes

Epic Bosses


A fun and intense twin-stick alien shooter for up to four players.

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Space Siege is a spin-off to the Dungeon Siege arrangement from originator Chris Taylor and Gas Powered Games. The game starts with a chilling cutscene as many outsider warships slip upon Earth with only one objective: killing. As our home world detonates, a solitary settlement transport called the Armstrong figures out how to move past the enemy task force, yet it’s not the only one. An outsider unit connects itself to the body, and bug-like animals called the Kerak fill in a cargo bay, planning to destroy the remaining humans.

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University of Southern California:

The University of Utah’s Video Game Design program consolidates art based students and technical students in a course that offers great and perfect game developing and designing skills. Their students have been offered an assortment of significant entry-level opportunities, and graduate with experience that is similar to start-up firms. The university runs a regarded summer program for secondary school students and sets aside the opportunity to meet each encouraging candidate. This is the reason the student community is a mixture from such an extensive variety of countries, such as India, Russia, China, Mexico, and Indonesia.

Carnegie Mellon University, Integrative Design, Arts, and Technology Network:

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Cornell University:

Cornell University offers a wide variety of game designing programs. It is a game designing initiative. The center of the game plan minor is a succession of courses particularly devoted to game outline. These are venture situated courses where understudies work in interdisciplinary groups of 4-6 to build up a game. At the end of the semester, the understudies display their tasks at the GDIAC Showcase, which has interested people in general. Also, when authorizing and specialized issues allow, huge numbers of the games displayed at the GDIAC Showcase are accessible for download from their website.

Cleveland Institute of Art (Cleveland, OH):

The Cleveland Institute of Art, (CIA), is a little, particular school of 525 students. It perceives the requirement for innovative articulation to grasp the unlimited potential outcomes offered by the information age. Therefore, the school has made a diversion outline degree and start fabricating the framework important to cultivate inventiveness in this creative field.